Delta Airlines Customer Service Toll Free Number & Delta Customer Care

If you are finding Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, then you are at the correct place. In this page, we have provided a list of Delta Customer Care Number for various services like reservations, lost baggage, etc. Therefore, you can call to Delta Customer Service numbers available here and speak to the Delta Airlines Customer Care Agent for clearing your doubts about Delta Air Lines. Moreover, check delta airlines toll free numbers below.

Delta Customer Care Number

1 888-750-3284

Delta Airlines Customer Service Telephone Number

Brief Description of Delta Airways

  • Delta Airlines is a major America Airline.
  • The Delta Air Lines, Inc. has its headquarters and largest hub at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • This Delta Airways daily operates 5,400 flights along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates.
  • The Delta operates joint ventures with Air France-KLM, Alitalia, Korean Air, China Eastern Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia.
  • Delta Regional service is regulated under the brand name Delta Connection.
  • The Delta Airways serves an extensive domestic and international network that includes 319 destinations in 54 countries on six continents.
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Delta Airlines Customer Service

Delta Customer Care

24/7 Delta Airlines Customer Service Number
Delta Reservations Customer Service Number 1-800-241-4141
Delta Airlines Lost Baggage Customer Service Number 1-800-325-8224
Delta Disability Assistance Customer Care Number 1-404-209-3434
Delta Cargo Customer Service Number 1-800-352-2746
Delta Technical support number 1-888-750-3284
Delta SkyMiles Customer Service Number 800-323-2323
Delta Customer Service Number 800-455-2720
Delta Airlines Phone Number Customer Service Spanish 1-800-208-8601

Delta Airlines Phone Number

Delta SkyMiles Customer Service International Numbers
Delta Airlines Customer Care Number Austria 01 206091556
Delta Airlines Customer Service Number Denmark 38487774
Delta Airline Customer Service Phone Number France 01 57324295
Delta Airways Customer Care Phone Number Spain 91 2718164
Delta Airlines Customer Service Number Belgium 02 2008824
Delta Skymiles Customer Care Number Germany 069 380789307
Delta Airlines Customer Care Phone Number Ireland 01 4897190
Delta SkyMiles Customer Support Number Netherlands 02 02035325
Delta Airlines Customer Care Number Greece 00800 44143010 (from landline only)
Delta SkyMiles Customer Support Phone Number Italy 02 69430744
Delta Airlines Customer Service Number China 40012-02364 (Toll-free)
Delta Airlines Customer Support Number Turkey 00800 44 882 3344
Delta SkyMiles Customer Service Phone Number Northern China 10 800 650 0472
Delta Airline Customer Service Telephone Number Switzerland 043 5579145
Delta Airlines Customer Service Number Southern China 10 800 265 0488
Delta SkyMiles Customer Care Phone Number United Kingdom 020 34506425
Delta Airways Customer Service Number Korea 0079-8651-7538 (Toll-free)
Delta Airline Customer Care Number Chile 800 33 21 21
Delta SkyMiles Customer Service Number Japan 0570-077733 (or) 0476-31-8000
Delta Airlines Customer Care Telephone Number Argentina 0 800 333 0224
Delta Airline Customer Service Phone Number Thailand 001-800-658-228
Delta Airlines Customer Service Number Singapore 6336-3371

How to Contact Delta Customer Service

Thank You for Calling Delta Airlines. Now presenting our partners, KLM and Air France.

  • If you are a Sky-miles member and your 10 digit sky miles number is available with you, then press “1”.
  • If not press “2”. To better serve you, please make a selection from the following options.
    • Press “1”, if you are calling for the details regarding an existing reservation or future travel on Delta Airlines, Air France or KLM.
    • Please press “2”, for questions regarding our Sky Miles program.
    • For questions regarding our partners, Air France or KLM’s Flying Blue program, Please press “3”.
    • If your checked bag has been lost, delayed or damaged, then press “4”.
    • Please press “5”, if you have left an item onboard your recent flight.
    • Press “6”, for the questions regarding a refund.
      • If your question is regarding an existing refund request, Press “1”.
      • Please visit our website at and search applying for a refund, to request a refund.
    • For comments on your completed Delta Airlines travel experience, Please press “7”.
    • To repeat this menu, press “8”.

Visit Delta Airlines Official Website for more details.


Spanish Customers can clear off their queries regarding Delta Airlines Customer Service by making a call to delta airlines phone number in Spanish. So, we mentioned delta airlines phone number spanish in the above sections. Delta Airlines also offers delta airlines customer service in spanish language. So, customers can clear their doubts easily in their spanish language.